Handykette extra weich - bei uns reibt nix!

Handykette extra weich - bei uns reibt nix!
We love cell phone chains, especially in the summer!

Super practical, because you can simply hang his phone around, and actually has everything with it. With the cell phone you can pay meanwhile and there it does not need much. And if I'm honest, handbags annoy me in the summer rather....

But when I wore a carrier top, the classic cord cell phone chains always rubbed me uncomfortably on the collarbone, because they are round and therefore rub over the skin.

That's why I opted for flat woven straps that are comfortable against the skin, don't rub and are nice and soft. The result was my extra soft cotton bands made of 98% cotton and 2% nylon. The nylon is important for the stability and durability of the basic structure of the ribbon.

The nice thing is that my bands are super comfortable to wear due to the extra wide contact surface and distribute the weight of the phone great, so you hardly notice it and thus nothing can rub.

Cotton as a natural fiber is thereby also quite uncomplicated washable. Simply wash the band in a laundry net at 30 degrees in the washing machine. Please make sure that no staining materials are washed in the washing machine, so that the ribbon does not take on a foreign color. For light ribbon colors, I always put a little bile soap directly on the ribbon, then the colors become nice and bright again.

After washing, let it air dry and your ribbon will look like new again and you will enjoy it for a long time.