What you love, you cherish and care for...

Did you know that our mobile phone straps can also be washed?

If, like me, you don't want to be without your mobile phone strap and you really have it with you every day and everywhere, then you quickly realize that you can see this use at some point. The white is no longer bright and somehow it looks a bit battered. But that's the way it is with everything you use all the time, isn't it? The clothes are also washed and the apartment cleaned - if you love something, you have to take care of it to keep it beautiful.

Luckily, our wide mobile phone chains are nice and sturdy and, above all, made of cotton, so that you can wash them wonderfully. This will make the colors radiant again and your band will look beautiful again.

NOOMYA mobile phone chain woven from cotton wide mobile phone strap - sustainable and washable

How to properly care for your NOOMYA® mobile phone strap:

  1. Remove the phone case
  2. Light colors like the Sea Salt or the Midnight Star with a lot of white become really beautiful again if you treat them with gall soap beforehand. Please do not rub with the brush, this could pull individual threads on the tape
  3. Now place the ribbon in a laundry net so it doesn't get wrapped around the other laundry
  4. Now simply wash the laundry net with the mobile phone strap in the washing machine with mild detergent at 30° degrees. If you wash the band with your other laundry, please make sure that there are no clothes that rub off in the washing machine to avoid discoloring the band.
  5. Simply hang to dry, please do not put in the dryer.