Extra lang, damit es immer passt!

Extra lang, damit es immer passt!

Isn't it nice that we are all unique and individual?

We are tall, short, have long or short torsos, are rather slim, strong or everything in between and prefer to carry our cell phone crossover, in the back of our pants pocket or around our neck.

I, for example, am quite tall with a long torso and prefer to carry my phone additionally in the back of my pants pocket so it doesn't dangle. Most cell phone chains were therefore too short for me and therefore impractical, especially when working.


So that your new favorite band always fits and does everything, I have made it especially for you. You can adjust it steplessly from 80-160cm individually to your needs, so that all wearing options are open to you. With the slider you can also easily adjust it while wearing, should it not yet fit properly.

You can keep my cell phone straps short up to 80cm, so that they are wonderfully wearable for children. My daughter loves her cell phone strap, because it gives her the security that she does not drop her phone by accident times.

It is also super handy when skiing, because she can take out the phone without fear that it falls out of the lift, even briefly and umgehängt stowed in the ski jacket it can not be lost even during rapid travel.

And they are of course super practical in the summer on vacation, because you actually need except the bikini and your phone nothing for a drink at the beach bar or the photo of a breathtaking sunset.

Thanks to the extra length, you can also use my cell phone straps wonderfully as a bag strap for smaller handbags. So you can give every bag a new look in no time and make it a real eye-catcher.

Your phone - your style!