There is nothing better than to get a gift unexpectedly, right?

I love to make others a little joy and so I have thought about how I can prepare my mobile bands a loving home and you a surprise.

Since I founded my little label in the Corona time, and the masks in the handbag have always bothered me, because you always had to look for them or they flew wildly around in the bag, I thought, a small bag, matched to the mask size can be a loving real added value for you. Well, the mask time is fortunately over and we do not have to have them with us all the time, but for that there are so many other little things that accompany us every day and can be stowed in this little bag.

Color-coordinated with each of my cell phone chains I have designed these bags for you and hope that you like them. And since some of you already use the possibility and have more than one band to change, each of my cell phone bands got its own design with matching colors, so that you always have variety in the bags and can use different colors for different contents.